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Kaizoku Hime ~Captain Rose no Bouken~ Empty Kaizoku Hime ~Captain Rose no Bouken~

Post by KaizokuHime on Sat Jan 28, 2012 10:06 pm

Kaizoku Hime ~Captain Rose no Bouken~ I1227710
Associated Names:
海賊姫, 海賊姫 ~キャプテン・ローズの冒険~, Kaizoku Hime,
Kaizoku-Hime - Captain Rose no Bouken, Pirate Princess ~Adventure of Captain Rose~
Author: Yamashita Tomomi
Artist: Yamashita Tomomi
Genre: Action, Adventure, Romance, Shoujo

From Baka-updates manga:

"Pirates are the lowest~~!"
Rose is a young girl who stubbornly believes herself to be a high-class princess, what happens when the one who comes to “kidnap” that slightly restless girl ends up being a heinous pirate, a crew member of the "Phantom”…!? Blood will race, set sail on a love and romance adventure—Ahoy!!

Download links:

Vol 1 Chapter 1.1

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